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October 2-5, 2023, 12-2 PM ET

Seven certified coaches reveal how to

Make 2023 the year you finally make progress as a writer.

This free writer's summit will help you get unstuck and start making progress on your writing goals.


81% of people want to write a book

but very few actually finish writing it.

The problem is this:

You want to write. You have an important message to share with the world.

But sometimes obstacles get in the way:

It's hard to find the time and routine to write regularly.

You feel like an imposter and wonder if you're qualified to write.

You get started, but get stuck because you're not sure what your next step should be.

We can help you.

As certified writing coaches (and authors ourselves), we understand the practical and emotional challenges that come with wanting to share your words with the world but feeling stuck in the process.

Don't worry, we've been there and can help you:

Develop a unique writing routine that fits your lifestyle

Overcome the most common challenges writers face

Create a plan to go from dream to done

You don't have to stay stuck

Learn how to make progress

Join seven certified writing coaches trained to help you overcome obstacles and make progress on your writing goals.

Mon, Oct 2


Learn how to overcome the mental roadblocks that prevent you from getting started.

Tue, Oct 3


Discover creative ways to get started and choose where to put your focus.

Wed, Oct 4


Get tools to help you move your story foward and nurture your creativity.

Thu, Oct 5


Understand how to crowdfund your creative projects followed by a LIVE Q&A session with the coaches.

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Here's What's Included When You Join The Free Summit Today!

Certified writing coaches typically charge around $100 for one-on-one sessions, but your financial situation shouldn't hinder your writing goals. Our seven coaches cover topics their clients struggle with the most.

What's included:

Free Summit Sessions: The summit has seven free sessions taught by certified writing coaches to help you get unstuck.

Free Live Q&A: A private session with a certified writing coach can cost $97+, but you'll have an opportunity to ask a coach your question for free. Ask session related questions each day and join us for a LIVE Q&A panel with all seven coaches on the final day.

Free Bonus Workbook: Download a free PDF with the summit's schedule, speaker info, note-taking pages, and more...

Normally: $750+

Today: 100% FREE

This Powerful Summit Can Transform Your Writing (And Life)

Coaching equips you to make progress on your writing goals.

If you...

Struggle calling yourself a writer

Wrestle with writer's block or distractions

Feel frustrated with a particular project

Feel stuck in your plot or manuscript

Are not sure how to afford the expenses of independent publishing

You'll learn

Mindset shifts to build confidence

Practical tips to focus and write

Learn when to write and when to walk away

Strategies to unstick your story

How to utilize crowdfunding to pay for your creative projects

What to expect

Here's The Summit Schedule

Join us live on Zoom for this virtual conference.

Day 1: Foundations

Start Where You Are

Michelle Layer Rahal

Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book when the depression hit; she was 65. Walt Disney was fired as a newspaper editor because he lacked imagination. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team for missing too many shots. Despite the setbacks, these successful individuals made lemonade out of lemons. Not one made excuses—and neither should you. Begin where you are and grow from there.

Creativity Unleashed: Identify & Overcome Writer's Block

Melissa N. Smith

Whether you have run out of ideas or cannot draw them out into sentences, you are stuck! We get off our schedule, lose our inspiration, or wrestle to find the words. It happens to every writer, but we can overcome it! Learn to identify your unique blocks to creativity, the mindset that opens the door, and tools to write with freedom.

Day 2: Preparation

Five things to consider before writing your first draft

Stephanie Miller

Imagine attempting a 5k race without any prior running experience – a daunting task, right? Writing, much like preparing for a race, requires a well-thought-out plan to make progress. Join Stephanie as she unveils strategies for a successful first draft and beyond. This session combines creative brainstorming and outlining techniques with powerful mindset hacks, equipping you to create a "training plan" for your writing journey. Embrace the process and set yourself up for success. Get ready to conquer the page and unleash your creative potential, step by step!

Writers Write: Five Questions for Writers

Kelda Laing Poynot

As writers, we are blessed with powerful words. Some come in the form of teaching and sharing our experiences. Others weave into stories that engage and entertain our readers. So, once you have the idea, what comes next? These five questions will enable you to discern where you are as a writer, how best to share your words, and how to avoid distractions.

Day 3: Get Unstuck

Unstick your story: Practical tips in five areas stories get stuck

Sharon Hughson

If your story is lackluster or stuck, this session will shake it loose. Learn to spot and close plot holes so your narrative flows. Build compelling, relatable characters that captivate readers. Sharon guides you through essential story elements like raising the stakes, managing pace, and crafting authentic dialogue. Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, you'll discover useful techniques to strengthen your prose. Come away with practical tips to improve your writing and get your story moving forward.

Creative Recovery

April Dawn White

The creative mind bubbles like carbonated soda. But what if your creative juice has lost its fizz? April leads us to discover a renaissance of joy and identity. We’ll explore what causes our creativity to fizzle out and use the word ‘renaissance’ as an acronym to kick-start our joy and uncover our authentic self.

Day 4: From Dream to Done

Who's Going to Pay for This? How to use crowdfunding to bring your creative projects to life

Sarah E. Brooks

Today’s technology makes publishing without a traditional publishing deal possible. However, it can be an expensive process. Discover the crowdfunding essentials and how Sarah raised $5k to produce a picture book for special needs kids.

Live Q&A

This is your opportunity to ask the coaches your questions in a live Q&A format.


A free online summit taught by certified writing coaches.


October 2-5, 2023

12-2 PM EDT


Join us live on Zoom. Replays are available online for 48 hours after the summit.

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